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The Joy of Ordinary Days

I love it, I want something like this one day, when I get married. I love weddings, marriage, love and my culture, and I love when they explode together like this 🙂

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Don’t Wake Me up – Feni Baba Cover

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I have the most talented friends, like you guys aeno it!

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This would be my first official post on this blog. This is like a Month and some days after it was made but we thank God for the inspiration and the time to do this.

Now the topic for today is “BEAUTIFUL”.


I see it everywhere, hear it a lot and I notice the way girls blush and their bodies shake when they are told they are beautiful. Why? Lol. It must really be a big deal to be called beautiful init? I was called beautiful by a friend some days back and I was blushing all through the day even under this my Black Skin. I was wondering why I was so happy. Maybe because not everyone is usually given that kind of compliment. I wonder why. I also observed boys call some girls beautiful and I see others react like this

“HIAN!! Beautiful ke?”, “NOOOO she is not”,

This one answer baffled me; “ Nooo, Maybe she has a nice body but beautiful Nahhh!!” I wondered why that reaction. Then I asked to quench my curiosity. The reply was even more overwhelming than the reaction. He said (please take note that it was a boy who replied me) She is a very nasty person (a tyrant), so vulgar, indecent, a talkative and please that is not the kind of girl I would want to marry. FULLSTOP. I turned around to take a second look at this girl and I saw a beautiful girl what my people will call Asanwa!!!! But he saw the devils incarnate. LOOL

This brings me to what I really want to discuss with you guys. What is your definition of beautiful? Is it the Proverbs 31:30 lady “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised amongst ALL” or the Nasty, Vulgar, Indecent lady known in todays world as SEXY?? If the former is your standing definition of beauty, thank God for you if not there is room for change.

I got a very nice definition of beautiful from a dictionary, BEAUTIFUL means pleasing to the senses or mind aesthetically or of a very high standard; excellent. 10/10 package altogether. From this I coined out this: Breath-taking, Eye Catching, an Ultimate Treat, Incredibly Full, Unobtrusive, Utterly Ladylike/ Laid back. If you agree with this definition we can move one then.

I ask for the last time what is our definition of Beautiful???

Guys, Why do you tell naked or indecent girls they are beautiful and sexy when you will never wife such. I think it’s because you are not sure of the purity of her body?? Eyy?? They carry this with them with high shoulders. You think you are doing them a favour, No you are not!! This is the reason young girls see pictures of what you call your ideal woman and would want to be like that and when she attains just 15% of that picture you tag her a whore. Am I making sense?

Why do we In general think our physical bodies make us pretty, fine, cute, etc. Nahhhhh! That is not a criterion for determining beauty. The society has rubbished the image of women but if you still want to feel good about your selfs (GIRLs) go to the bible where God refers to you as GEMS and your hair as your crowning glory!!!!! Your body is the temple of the Lord and not any mans so he doesn’t have a say on how you look. Let them call you ugly, let them Laugh but remember that God saw you after he made you and he said you are GOOD!! My dear who has the final say? Jehovah has the final say *dancing* LOOL (sorry for deviating) but frankly speaking beauty is from within. There are very pretty girls with so much darkness inside of them. Is that the one you want to wife??? GUYs REALLY???? Mschewww. Instead of you to be living a happy married life you will be fighting mamiwater (Witch) LOOL but Not all pretty girls are like this TAKE NOTE. My concern is that you should be bothered about what is inside than what you can see.

I see guys post things like my ideal woman is beauty and brains. YES absolutely but she has to have the fear of God. You know why? It’s because a prayerful wife keeps the family together, in one accord, in unity. I see tweets like “My mums prayers keep me going in uni tbh”. If our Mums are not praying then some of use will be long gone by now TO BE REALLY HONEST!!!! .

Anyway, a word is enough for the wise

Thanks for reading!!!!

God bless y’all

WHATMORECANYUGOSAY…….. bye till my next post

Any questions? please drop in my comment box or tweet @ me (@Ugo_UCE)

These are beautiful girls I know inside and out, not saying i don’t know alot more, (I DO) i just saw their pictures on my laptop and decided to put it here… they are not even stressing, THEY ARE WONDERFULLY MADE :*


MyWelcome Note

Hey Hey Hey!!!

I am actually very excited to start this blog. This is my First but not the last post. I do not have any idea of what I would be talking to you guys about but I know we would come a longgggggg way with my write ups, I guess. I am requesting that you read my blog frequently. I will make sure I keep you guys in awe with the kind of articles I would come up with. I am not the writing type. I talk a lot but i have decided to put my thoughts and words into writing. I hope I do not bore you but keep you interested.

So #whatmorecanyugosay

Image Bless and keep coming back xx